Hey 10 Percenters, it’s time for the first ever Affiliate Roundup!

Our friends at Marks For Xcellence are finally back after a three month hiatus with Episode 11! Be sure to check it out for a review of WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV, the Raw after, and a look at TNA’s Destination X PPV and the positive direction the company has taken.

Meanwhile our friends at The Indy Corner are on episode6 at this point after the mutual split from MFX, with Stu and new co-host Paul talking all the latest on the indy scene focusing on UK wrestling and ROH and the like. Be sure to check that out HERE and if you like it enough, feel free to subscribe to it on iTunes!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the latest developments! #PowerToTheSmarks

Written by AlexK

AlexK is a graphic designer plying his trade in Southern California with a focus in branding, print, and web design. He has a passion for design, food, technology, and most of all professional wrestling.

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