Opinions: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Feud
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(Originally written post-NOC, 9/15/13)

So we all know that ref’s count was way too fast. So word going on is that HHH tomorrow will strip Bryan of the belt. I call bullshit on that I don’t want Randy Orton to be champion I really don’t. I just want Bryan to have belt for while at least let hold till WWE Battleground or Hell In Cell. I was so happy that he won, but now that’s going to be gone and I’m not sure if I’m going to watch tomorrow.

Randy Orton is not the face of the WWE he’s the ass, the jackass. I will TIVO RAW Tomorrow not sure if I want to watch it. I’m so tired of this bullshit. I’m tired this storyline, sick of Randy Orton, fed up with the screw jobs. Like I said my life is boring and sometimes stressful so seeing my favorite wrestler as Champion really makes my day but see it taken away from me just upsets me a lot. Would be different If Randy was a face not because I just don’t like him that much he bores me I don’t get what WWE sees in Orton. The guy is fucked up, he’s been suspended twice he might suspend again sooner or later. His heel is weak It’s nothing like other heel turns.

I’m really starting to think that maybe Vince really doesn’t want Bryan to have the belt. Sure he let him hold it for a while, only to take it back. Punk got to hold it for 434 days, Bryan can’t even get hold at least a few mouths. Maybe Bryan should do what Punk quit the WWE and leave with the belt but I’m not sure if that’ll work a 2nd time. And I’ll bet they can’t wait for Cena to come back so they can give the belt back to him. Maybe just maybe they let him hold for lil while longer I hope but I doubt it they’re not ready for him to be champion.

Randy is there but he only has the belt because they feel bad for him because he got divorced…boo hoo poor Randy! Same thing happened with Cena, he got divorced because he cheated on his wife with porn star what a role model John, lol! So maybe only to get the belt is get divorced and maybe they’ll feel sorry for you and let you be champion.

I know what you guys say he just win back at the next PPV, until he get beat down again every week until the Raw and Smackdown before the PPV. Then if he wins it back, who know long they let him keep it. I don’t know how longer I’ll be a fan, I might stop watching for a while or forever. Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much of my time worrying about what’s happening in WWE its been like that since I started watching. If Stone Cold wasn’t champion I would be upset or with any other wrestler that I liked, even back when I liked Cena there times when I wanted to see him as champ and no one else. This post was a question, but then I tuned it into a rant so will Bryan get the belt taken him tonight? I hope not, but the chances are pretty good.

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  1. BigGameJames Reply

    Wwe Has become some what predictable I predicted at SS That was randy was going to cash it in well we knew that but i also HHH might turn on him which he did. I thought that Randy was going win yesterday at lest that thought it said on the wrestling sites go that randy will hold on to the belt until Survivor Series but wwe changed there minds like they always do. So i have feeling that he might stripped of the belt tonight are maybe wwe change up since already know what’s going to happen So far i’m 1-0

  2. BigGameJames Reply

    Here’s anther prediction If they do strip Bryan Maybe Vince will come out and overwrite HHH. And set up a Rematch for ever WWE Battleground Or Hell In a Cell

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