Pick Ems Season 2 is Coming!

Last season we tested the waters…this season we’re jumping in headfirst!

Season 2 of our Pick Ems League is starting soon, and we want YOU in on the ground floor! We’re preparing a mailing list this coming season, so that people playing are notified right away when picks are ready to be made, as well as updates throughout the season! It’s gonna be a blast, and we can’t wait. For more information, we kindly ask you sign up for the mailing list so we know who is interested in playing next season! If you’d rather just receive updates on the season, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re not bombarded with unnecessary emails. Season 2 kicks off with the as of yet un-named PWG show on January 2, so make sure you sign up ASAP for the latest updates!

Written by AlexK

AlexK is a graphic designer plying his trade in Southern California with a focus in branding, print, and web design. He has a passion for design, food, technology, and most of all professional wrestling.

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