The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA (Parts 3 and 4)

The most recent editions of The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA are up at The Indy Corner! I cover some of the technicos and rudos of CHIKARA in Part 3, and the “Ashes” videos in Part 4. Go have a read, and enjoy! Don’t forget to leave feedback here or on the social media networks!


Part 3: Goodies & Baddies

The world of CHIKARA is full of colorful characters, from ants to time traveling band majors. These marvelous men and wonderful women are divided into two camps: technicos (faces) and rudos (heels).

Part 4: Ashes

After nearly two months of silence post-Aniversario, hints of something new from CHIKARA arose with the premiere of “Ashes – Prelude” on the Wrestling Is channel on YouTube.

Written by AlexK

AlexK is a graphic designer plying his trade in Southern California with a focus in branding, print, and web design. He has a passion for design, food, technology, and most of all professional wrestling.

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