WAM Wednesday #7: Ain’t No Stopping Merch Now

After being pre-empted last week due to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, we’re back with another edition of WAM Wednesday as we look at the newest from Back Body Drop and “Eye Candy” Elliott Paul, and the WAMFam debut of Canuck Pro!

Love All Wrestling – Starting at $22.99 (check out more from Back Body Drop here!)

Eye Candy 2017/2018 – Starting at $22.99 (check out more from “Eye Candy” Elliott Paul here!)

CPW Established 2017 – Starting at $22.99 (check out more from Canuck Pro here!)

Written by AlexK

AlexK is a graphic designer plying his trade in Southern California with a focus in branding, print, and web design. He has a passion for design, food, technology, and most of all professional wrestling.

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