Your boy Alex Kahrs had the chance to be on Wrestling Mayhem Show this past Tuesday, to talk with the usual Mayhem Crew about all sorts of stuff:

  • Discussion on if NXT has motivated the main roster. 5:55
  • The Fast Lane PPV. 28:55
  • The Big Question: What should WWE give up for lent? 38:57
  • Mad Mike talks about the going ons at TNA Impact. 56:55
  • The 5th installment of Mayhem Mania. 1:03:50
  • What we learned from wrestling. 1:21:45

Be sure to check out the video OR go to the original post HERE!

Written by AlexK

AlexK is a graphic designer plying his trade in Southern California with a focus in branding, print, and web design. He has a passion for design, food, technology, and most of all professional wrestling.

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